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Mansa Musa C.E.O.
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About Nile Imports Consulting
Since 1987, I have worked in International Trade, Import/Export and Tourism with Africa. In 1992 I opened my first of 7 Import Shops some combination restaurant and coffee but all with an Import Base. In 1999 I expanded the offices into Africa and Asia and began manufacturing, Infrastructure projects, Village Assistance, Relocation and Business Incubator services for those moving or doing business in Africa. I began working with the African Chamber Of Commerce to assist in Streamlining the Trade process with Africa. Our program focuses on

Strengthening community based organizations so they can do business locally and globally
Strengthening associations between business people in U.S. and Africa
Strengthening health systems via our village renovation and medical clinic program Coordination through African Chambers Of Commerce to strengthen relationships
Advocacy for women, children and any at risk group. 
Mansa Musa - African Trade Consultant at Nile Imports focusing on streamlining and increasing Trade with Africa and assisting companies with business relationships in Africa. Former Associate Director of the Africa-Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Atlanta, still a member for 10 years of the Pacific Northwest African Chamber of Commerce, served honorable 6 years in the United States Marine Corp. I am the former C.E.O. of The Global Trading Network ( with 25 years experience in all aspects of International Trade, Import/Export and Tourism. The Global Trading Network is an E-commerce Company that provides Trade Programs and Infrastructure projects with Ghana, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa and Morocco to the U.S. market and functions as a Manufacture/Wholesaler and distribution network that serves over 800 stores nationwide and in Canada. Global provides study abroad/service learning to University students and leisure tours to Africa. I have served as Board President of Nu Black Arts West Theater for 13 years, Blue Nile Children Organization for 5 years, D.E.C.A. Regional judge and lecturer for 10 years and lecturer at Universities and High schools for over 20 years. I have been the owner/proprietor of several International Gift shops, Jazz Clubs and Café’s and raised over 2 million Venture Capital and Private funding. I am a philanthropist and has lead several humanitarian efforts focusing on bettering the lives of children in the U.S. and Africa. I have been renovating primary schools in Ghana since 2000 with our One School at a Time Program, have help start an Orphanage in Ethiopia, install a Solar Unit in a Masai Mara Primary School in Kenya started a breading goat program in Indonesia, and we are currently working on a roof for a library of a primary school in TEMA Ghana and medical clinic for a group of villages near Kumsi Ghana.
Committed to helping our clients reach their dreams